In the not so distant past, the demented elves reviewed a story where things just happened.  To say it plainly, there was no sense of story.  It got the elves to thinking what is the story?  What is story for that matter, and how does one create and convey that story?

Let us start with what story is not.  Story is not a sequence of events that comes to an end.  That is to say, the story is not about a man walking into a bar to have an encounter with the bartender.  It is far more complex than that.  It is about the man.  It is about what he wants.  It is about why he is entering the bar in the first place.  The encounter with the bartender is merely the vehicle for the story.

 Who your character is and wants to be is what drives your story.  In it, things happen to your character, and hasd on who he is, he responds.  Story is about change, or lack thereof, of an individual as a result of what has happened to him.  

That being said the demented elves wish to ask you, what is your story about?  Is it about a soldier who learns to love on the battlefield?  Then all your actions, responses, and conversations need to reflect your character's lack of love at the beginning and his abundance of love at the end.  Sounds easy right?  But then again, if it were easy, we would have an abundance of good stories.

On a parting note the demented elves would like to remind you of a few things.  First, story is not a bunch of random things that converge to a single point, nor is it what happens to your character until there is a conclusion.  Story is about your character's growth, or lack of growth, while all these events are happening. 

Lastly, ask yourself, what is my story about?  Then ask yourself, but what is my story really about?  Once you understand that, the rest will fall into place.